The End of Days

Book in monumental format, 2018
screen printed monotype
24 pages
spread 4 x 1,5 m

The End of Days is like a lifestyle catalogue at the end of days. Girls are running at the beach in pretty dresses with fists clinched and strained smiles under stormy skies, the sea is dark, the four horsewomen of the apocalypse are approaching under the sun and under the moon, death is laughing lying on her back in the grass.


The End of Days is a book in monumental format (spread 4 x 1,5 m) intended to be experienced lying at the spectator’s feet. This is the Artist Book as an encounter and a physical experience. Time, attention and interaction is demanded of the spectator. The size and the closeness means that the spectator must move to really see the whole spread, that every page has to be walked along, that you have to bend down to lift the page and walk back when turning the page. The movement back and forth, the sequence, the touch, but also the materiality and fragility of the pages are crucial parts of the experience.

Our experiences and consumption of images nowadays are dominated by the mass produced, the easy to digest, the show off, the superficial and replaceable – all delivered in a constant stream of glossy imagery demanding low attention and almost no time per image. With The End of Days I wanted to create an experience that is a contrast to these non lasting impressions.