Post its

Bits and pieces
Fragments building a whole
Like pearls on a thread
teeth in a row
one haha after another

I had a vision of just having a whole body of work in my inner pocket. I imagined myself emptying my pocket and filling the room with my art as easily as if I would be laughing. But how would I achieve this?

Art on post-it notes.
A bunch of small papers.
No framing. No technical equipment,
no heavy crates or transportation company,
no drill or screws to put together an exhibition.
Just those small sticky notes taken from my pocket …

Simplifying is about reducing, but it is also about finding an essence, a core. For example, given the right clue, we easily recognize laughter. Just a fragment of sound or a crucial detail of a laughing face is enough for us; a rounded cheek narrowing the eye, a corner of the mouth striving upwards, a glimpse of teeth in a specific way.

Post-it notes and laughter have many traits in common. Just like post-its are replaceable so are certain laughters; they are the “same same”, ongoing in a repetitive cycle. Exactly who is laughing is not that important for those laughters – instead it is the general, the essential, that keep reappearing. Post-its are in a way also about the essential – we use them to scribble down crucial words, not to be forgotten. But at the same time those notes are about the now and here. They are for remembering for a short time, not for preservation for the after world. And so is laughter; for the ‘now’.

Post-its, laughter and my thoughts all became building blocks – bits and pieces together building a whole. One thing led to another, ideas evolved … and eventually I had no longer only a bunch of little papers in my pocket – the simple idea had led to a body of work; art on post it notes, screen prints, installations, projections and videos.

film projection in loop (4 min 28 sec)
five times five post-it notes in real size build up laughters changing and mixing with each others in an on-going loop. intended as a wall projection.

video 2 min 19 sec
click here to see >>

series of 10 screen prints (here selection)
handprinted in limited editions of 12
50 x 50 cm