Grandiose Delusions

Cabinet and installation, 2021

This is my self portrait
I am the genius artist
Worship me

Grandiose Delusions won’t stay in their cabinet, the delusions are expansive. Therefore I’ve deconstructed the cabinet to add to my glory; the shelves are used to create a flooring in the shape of a pyramid with my altarpiece placed on the top. The drawer is placed on its side on top of the cabinet, exposing the image on the bottom, adding glory. The red carpet is rolled out and the image of me inside the cabinet is lit from behind. 

But it’s possible to put everything back into the cabinet (the red carpet also fits) so you can close it … and then it is actually not that impressive at all.

The Grandiose Delusion cabinet is part of the project PSYCHIATRIC LONELINESS (2021). 3 artists and a furniture carpenter interpreting different psychiatric diagnoses in cabinets. The cabinets were all made by Petter Ivarsson, the furniture carpenter and master mind behind the project.