Alexandra Hedberg works with human portraiture exploring the subject from her existentialist point. For many years she focused solely on laughter seeing it as emblematic to ‘the human condition’, laughter as symbolising how we choose not to act or to take the easy road. But also laughter as symbolising the moment, the ephemeral and the futile. Recently Hedberg has come to expand her field of inquiry into the Apocalypse – which is where she believes our typical human focus on the unimportant/superficial might be leading us.

Always with the drawing as a starting point Hedberg explores her subjects in different materials, techniques and medias; from screen prints, the intimate context of an artist book or projections of drawings in process to commissioned monumental wall pieces and public sculptures. Size and materiality are important tools in this exploration.

Works by Alexandra Hedberg can be found in several public collections, including the Västerås Art Museum, and about a dozen commissioned art pieces by her hand adorn public spaces around Sweden.  She participated in the Open Art Biennale 2019 and the Nordic Contemporary Print Triennial 2020. Alexandra Hedberg has a Master in Art & Technology, studied experimental colour printmaking at Atelier Contrepoint in Paris (Stanley W. Hayeter’s former famous atelier 17) and before that painting and art history for several years. She currently lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden.