artist statement

My work explores laughter. To me laughter is significant for being human. Laughter can be pleasure seeking, a posture, malicious delight, and of course, real happiness. Laughter is also something ephemeral, something you cannot hold on to because real laughter only exists on the spur of the moment.

My interest in laughter originates from my earlier works exploring different poses in advertising, fashion and life style photography through portraiture. I then became more and more fascinated by the way laughter was being used and started to see it as a symbol for human recklessness, consumption and thoughtlessness. Consequently, I decided to refine laughter as a subject matter, isolating it more and more from any time-bound context. This in turn led to my current wider interest in laughter as a phenomenon in general, no longer focusing only on social criticism (though still an important part).

Part of my working process is to collect laughter from printed materials like newspapers, fashion magazines and adds, thus wanting my starting material to be generic and impersonal. I then work in series focusing on different parts of what laughter might be. To reinforce the formal elements I want to enhance in that specific series I use materiality, form and/or the working process itself. For example the hahahaha of laughter is repetition, but also bits and pieces building up the laughter, which has led me to slicing, mixing and reconstructing paintings or working with post-its. Through many trials, versions and often several steps in the process I reach a final point that may look very simple and straightforward. I strive for a direct touch aiming to make my work look effortless and immediate – just like laughter exploding from nowhere.