A series of 30 large scale works on paper
Intended to be seen together in a spatial installation
(most of the works are 150 x 200 cm)
Here a few examples


The word Apocalypse comes from Greek and means revelation or an uncovering. It is the lifting of the veil, what was hidden becomes visible – and ultimate truths are told. In the Biblical Book of Revelation – also referred to as the Apocalypse df St. John – the end of the world is described as a final and complete destruction of the world. Today, we commonly refer to any larger-scale catastrophic event or chain of detrimental events to humanity or nature as “an apocalypse” or as “apocalyptic”.

Both in the Bible and in secular literature apocalyptic truths are mediated through a seer and the visions are translated into images and words. This is a selection of my visions – and just as a seer I’m not telling you the whole story, but I only share some glimpses for you to interpret …

the Scream
detail, Landslide
Here and Now
detail, Wildfire
details, Tempest (left) and Hello Darkness